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Current Events:

October 20, 2008
Fox Morning Show, Spirits of Mexico



February, 2008
A night with Chunky & Los Alacranes, Conrad of Los Lobos & El Perdido Tequila, in Solana Beach, CA.



July 15, 2008
To all concerned,

I have thought long and hard about this and I have chosen to retire from the position of President of the Academia Mexicana del Tequila, USA. Many of you know that I have been pursuing my own tequila project for many years and in all fairness to the academy, I feel that in order for the academy to remain unbiased in their evaluations of tequila, that this is the proper and honorable decision to make. Therefore as of July 15, 2008 I Phillip Soto Mares step down as El Presidente and leave it up to the academy director in Mexico to choose my successor.

I will continue as I always, to educate all those thirsting to learn more about the spirituous beverage we all love, Tequila!

¡Viva Tequila! y ¡Viva México!


September 2007
2007 Tasting Competition Results

The top Gold for Blanco: El Duende de Don Felipe
Gold for Reposado: El Duende de Don Felipe, with Chaya taking the top Gold
Silver for A ñejo: El Duende de Don Felipe, with El Agave Artesenal taking the top Gold
The Top Silver for Extra Aged: El Duende de Don Felipe, with Don Julio 1942 taking the top Gold


September 15, 2007
5th Annual Spirits of Mexico
spirits of mexicoOn Saturday September 15, on the eve of the 186th anniversary of Mexican Independence, celebrate at the 5th Annual Spirits of Mexico event. Selections of the finest world-class Tequilas & Mezcals, Hand-Crafted Specialty Cuisine, Andalusian Horses, Mario Olivares, Mariachis and more will combine to make this year's event a true celebration of Mexican Spirits.
Silent Auction Results. More info at: Polished Palate & Lets Play Downtown

Tequila Tasting Video - Experience the different flavors and tastes of Tequila.


May 3, 2007
Good, moderate-priced tequila key to successful margaritas
As the creator of El Duende Tequila, San Marcos resident Phillip Soto Mares appreciates the pure, strong taste of the liquor made from the agave plant. But even a tequila snob like Soto can enjoy a cool, sweet margarita now and then. For more of this story, click here.

March 2007
Del Mar Home & Garden Show, Plantacion de Agave
(photos and more )

February 25, 2007
Spring garden show to give tequila a shot
San Diego Union Tribune article spotlights the weber azul agave in this years annual Spring Home/Garden Show. (more info)

February 7, 2007
Westward Expos San Diego Home/Garden Show March 2-4 at the Del Mar Fairgrounds
At this year's San Diego Home/Garden show occurring March 2-4 at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, Phillip Soto Mares- a certified tequila master will pay homage to the Blue Agave plant by hosting a tequila garden, where age-eligible attendees will be able to taste the finest and rarest Tequilas from Mexico. Phillip will feature a small agave plantation explaining the process of tequila making.


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